Hey there, my name is Tiago Duarte and I build modern interfaces for the web

I’m a UI Engineer specializing in modular React interfaces and applications, modern CSS and responsive Web design.

Featured Projects

Price Digests

Price Digests

  • Rebuilt the app using a more modern and performant set of tools.
  • Led the UI design implementation, using Zurb Fundation.
  • Worked alongside another developer to implement major features such as user authentication and vehicle valuation pages with charts.


  • Developed multiple major new features in a short amount of time.
  • Refactored and optimized the code, resulting in over 70% faster page loads.
  • Implemented a more modular code structure, allowing the team to move faster when shipping new features.


  • Led the UI design implementation for the marketing site and web application.
  • Used Bootstrap SCSS to build the UI in a modular fashion, which made it easy for the team to build new pages and features quickly.


  • Worked with a team of backend developers and designers to build a React MVP from scratch.
  • Built a suite of reusable UI components and a style guide.
  • Remained as a technical advisor and helped the team with new hires and technical decisions

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Résume available upon request.